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Now I’m Intrigued podcast

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I found this podcast about a year ago, posted about it on Twitter but life got in the way and I never ended up listening to it. Gonna share it here on the off chance that someone with a bit more time on their hands wants to give it a listen. ... 1589841554

The latest “season” they’re doing is about Georgia Tann, the adoption advocate and child trafficker. That’s a whole can of worms that I am not well read enough about to comment on.

What caught my eye was the first “season”, in which the host traces the life of one Dr. Louis Jolyon West, or as you may know him, “Jolly.” The host claims she worked under Jolly West in the NPI at UCLA. I have not listened enough to verify any of her claims, nor to really understand what her frame and approach to the more conspiratorial elements are. The podcast being produced by something called “SwagFam” and described as “A storytelling podcast about humans who changed history with grand ideas and corrupt methods,” made me raise my eyebrows a bit, but good stuff can be found in unexpected places.

Episodes include Jolly’s start at Lackland interviewing “brainwashed” American POWs from Korea, his work for the CIA and the infamous Tusko the Elephant MKULTRA experiment, his interview with Jack Ruby, his time in Haight Ashbury, evaluating Patty Hearst, and finally an episode about his feud with Scientologists (hadn’t heard about this) and eventual death.

Again, haven’t read it so can’t speak to the rigor of her research. Thought I’d put it here in case someone wants to get a head start and figure out if there’s anything really interesting about her relationship with our ol’ pal Jolly. If and when I listen, I’ll update with anything worthwhile in this thread.
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