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Weekly themed threads

Post by MarxistRealism »

User youmightbewrong had a great suggestion in the megathread for weekly themed threads based on certain topics (like "What are you reading" or "Twitter roundup"). I agree that this would greatly improve the longevity of the board by giving people something to look forward to, allow us to create a better board culture, and set the tone for the kind of content people are looking for when they log in here.

Drop any suggestions for weekly themed thread ideas - or even better, if there's a topic you would like to volunteer to take over and post on a weekly basis sound off below.
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Re: Weekly themed threads

Post by youmightbewrong »

A few off the top of my head:

- Thread of threads: Once a week start a new thread here in which everyone can share links to Twitter threads worth reading.

- Hobby check-in: OP, I enjoy your garden/flower content on Twitter – we could do a weekly thread in which everyone updates us on their hobby. Car restoration, landscaping, needlepoint, whatever. Might help a bit with accountability, too.

- Local news: A weekly thread featuring wacky, funny, or ominously-linked "local" news (to each member).

Gotta be careful not to nullify the individual areas (like how a weekly music thread might make redundant the Music section). Also, I'm pretty sure phpbb has a function that you could schedule to start these threads in an automated way.
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