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Welcome to the Generic PHP Forum

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Hi everyone.

This is my attempt at contributing to a less centralized internet and satisfying a bit of my nostalgia in the process.

I grew up as computers and the internet exploded, but before smartphones became the dominant lens through which we experienced the world. The internet was still relatively decentralized (or at least, it pretended to be). Information appeared both free and cherished. Through my rose-colored glasses, the internet seemed to act as a collaborative space of unlimited potential. Corporations hadn't yet siloed users into chambers where they could be poked and prodded for every drop of data that could be drawn.

Now that I am older I understand the development of the internet technology made these changes inevitable. Surveillance and corporate domination had always lurked like twin fangs beneath the surface. The idea that the internet used to exist as a wild west of limitless potential had always been a lie. There's no returning to a past that never was.

Still, I hope this site can serve as a small oasis for a community of people who would like a place to share their thoughts, research, art, critiques, or whatever else they enjoy posting online. I particularly hope it provides a permanent place to share resources and collaborate on research and investigative projects (which has always been my favorite part of using Twitter).

This site runs using the standard, open-source PHPBB framework for forums. Those of you who have been on the internet for a while will probably be familiar with most of the controls and features available. If you do have any questions, feel free to start a topic in the Suggestions forum and I'll do my best to answer.

Cookies are used to validate user sessions, and this site uses only basic open-source analytics for managing users and post engagement. All monetization features have been turned off to protect user privacy from third-party advertisers.

Welcome to the Generic PHP Forum.
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