Best Parapolitics Podcasts

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Best Parapolitics Podcasts

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Which podcasts should I be listening to to learn about historic and present-day parapolitics? I honestly can't keep up with pods very well, even the ones I support. Those amazing folks simply record episodes at a faster rate than I can listen which is incredible. Regardless, I'm always on the look out for more pods.

My favorite two would be Programmed to Chill with Jimmy Falun Gong and Subliminal Jihad.

Others I enjoy:

-Trillbilly Workers Party
-Media Roots Radio
-Empire Files
-The Opperman Report
-Unlimited Hangout

-Covert Action Bulletin
-American Exception
-Our Hidden History

Of the more popular pods I have enjoyed quite a few True Anon episodes. I'm seeing some folks lately questioning their motives and implying sussness. I have never gotten into Chapo, LMK if I'm missing out. There seems to be a bit of growing distrust of those folks too? In both cases I don't know what's up but people I trust seem to be weary so idk. Never got into QAnon Anonymous but a lot of my homies listen. Never got into Red Scare. Let me know if the sus vibes I picked up from them are off base but they seem to be reinforced by recent ties to Peter Theil.

Generally speaking I'm looking for podcasts that treat these sobering subjects with appropriate seriousness. Humor is absolutely a great thing, necessary even, but often in the context of these topics an over-reliance on humor can be really weird, especially if it's edgy shock humor. I'm also looking for pods that make me feel like I learned something. I can enjoy some banter but honestly can only take so much of it. Podcasters who have a sense of when to reel the convo back on topic get my utmost respect in a world where hour long detours seem to be totally normal lol. It's all good, beggers like me can't be choosers. I'm grateful to all the podcasters spreading obscure knowledge. Def love a pod that cites its sources too. In all these respects my two favorites, PTC and SJ are excellent.

Other political pods I like which are not necessarily parapolitical:

-The Socialist Program with Brian Becker (PSL affiliated... saw a new user posted a thread accusing that party of being an op...?)
-The Punch Out with Eugene Puryear (Also PSL)
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Re: Best Parapolitics Podcasts

Post by OlliesLiberationArmy »

Don't know if your still looking for recommendations but The Farm podcast by recluse is really good. His WACL series is really good as well as a few other series. I would also recommend Dave Emory who's been putting our content for a really long time. Both these guys have great backlogs so you can really delve into some topics you'd be interested in.
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