Iraq War Protests were astroturfed?

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Iraq War Protests were astroturfed?

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Theres a few things that stand out to me during the protests against george w. bush regime invasion of Iraq:

1. How on earth did tens of thousands of people mobilize in less than 6 weeks (Sept12 2002 announcement- Oct 26 2002 100,000 person march in dc) from basically nothing? How did such mass mobilizations of people around the US and EU *not* lead to any violence or disruption of capital? It reminds me very much of color revolution nonviolence tactics...

2. Obama and KNOWN op Marilyn Katz were there at one of the first protests against the war. Obama even used that speech during his campaign 2008, re-recorded it and played it in campaign ads. ( ... d=88988093: )

3. PSL/ANSWER & veterans for peace were deeply involved in organizing the bigger protests along with other false internationalist stooges like Jesse Jackson; we know those orgs are ops

Where else would I look to prove/disprove this claim? Why and how and *WHO* organized this and for what end?
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