PSL is a CIA Operation

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PSL is a CIA Operation

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Introduction: ... ecting?s=w

Chapter 1: ... -communist

Chapter 2: ... d-torturer

Investigation is still in progress but this seems like it fits here.


"The Party For Socialism (PSL) is an ostensibly anti-imperialist organization that operates inside of the imperial core (amerika). Act Now to Stop War and End Racism Coalition (ANSWER) is closely related to PSL, and shares many founders, we will treat them as part of the same project. The ANSWER coalition is a dominant and growing force within the amerikan Anti-War Movement— a movement which is also rooted historically and materially in counterinsurgency. The PSL has a long history of co-opting movements; this became particularly apparent during the 2020 slave revolts in the United States.

While their abuses are endless and have been well documented in a variety of other places- we will not rehash those here. Previous articles have explored the right wing undercurrents of the PSL. This project aims to expose the links between the PSL/ANSWER and counter-insurgent government forces at the CIA & FBI.

This evidence will show that the Party for Socialism and Liberation is part of a *counterinsurgency project* to shut down militant resistance against the United States government. Their abuses, their reactionary politics, and their cult-like behavior are not coincidental but a consequence of the organization being an arm of the empire. "
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