Viruses. Gahhhhhhh

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Re: Viruses. Gahhhhhhh

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termi wrote: Sat May 21, 2022 8:46 am ... 4522906624 ... l-27025603

God, it's the exact same playbook as Covid. If this goes the way I think it goes, man, I don't even know where to begin. What are you even supposed to do against an international bourgeoisie that is willing to wage general biological warfare against the populace? I can imagine that in such a scenario there will be more anti-lockdown protests, but in all likelihood also more brutal state repression (and louder cheering with regard to the latter from the ignorant masses). Not to mention that anti-lockdown protests in the West (or at least the ones the media are willing to acknowledge) have a large petty booj fascist element. Would really like to have some indication of what one can do to resist yet another period of pandemic insanity if it happens.
i agree completely.
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Re: Viruses. Gahhhhhhh

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In a utopian society where I could trust a capitalist government to not abuse lockdowns as a form of future state repression, I would support it as a potential public health measure, but in every Western country I will 100% be against their right to use it because there is no way its existence won't be abused. Expansion of police powers, National Guard roll-outs in the US, forced vaccination, none of that for me.

I understand the fear, public health is important, but what lockdowns will become is an onus on the working class to save the health care system instead of neoliberal policies investing in public health infrastructure. Even in governments like Western Europe with "universal healthcare", the burden of preventing the system from collapsing is being placed on the people, and not the government to divert funding from pointless wars and other nasty wastes of tax money into hospitals and health workers. Sorry, but here in the Netherlands, they continue to cripple ICU capacity and university isn't free here to become a doctor or nurse. Its not my fucking problem to save the public health system, and the anger needs to be directed at the government for constantly shooting down any initiatives to use our money wisely, instead of at me for wanting to have a social life.

My child is almost 2, and has barely had any social interaction with other children because I live in a small town as an immigrant and everything was just closed. This cannot continue. I have 0 opportunities to make friends or get my feet on the ground in a country I moved to at the beginning of COVID lockdowns. I spent an entire pregnancy completely isolated and lonely. Family completely unable to see me. I'm not doing this again. If the government cannot cope after spending two years in a pandemic and not preparing, then they are incompetent and I shouldn't and won't respect their directices. If the government is actively malicious and denying any chance to make things better, then they're typical booj liberals and again I shouldn't and won't respect whatever stupid rules they invent.

The princess of the Netherlands partied with dozens of people for her 18th birthday party, and then two days later everything was given less than a 24 hour notice again for a total shutdown of everything besides grocery stores. What does this tell you? Why should I give a fuck? They clearly don't, literally not a single wealthy person respected any of this crap.
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